This is an article detailing the quotes from White House Down.

  • President Sawyer: [while fighting a terrorist] Get your hands off my Jordans!
  • President Sawyer: Martin, as the President of the United States, this comes with the full weight, power and authority of my office. Fuck you.
  • President Sawyer: I lost the rocket launcher.
  • Cale: You lost... How do you lose a rocket launcher? 
  • Cale: Can you not hit me in the head with a rocket when I'm trying to drive?
  • Stenz: Your little bitch says you're gonna put me in jail! I'm gonna carve my name into your chest [a few minutes later] Cale: No jail for you, you little bitch! Stenz: NO... NO... NO [blows up Stenz with a belt of unpinned grenades]
  • Walker: You just killed the Secretary of Defense.
  • Stenz: Well, he wasn't doing a very good job.
  • Cale: Special Agent Todd keeps making those sounds, I'm gonna start looking at him.
  • Tyler: [answering phone] Hello?
  • Cale: Hello, this is Special Agent Carol Finnerty. To whom am I speaking? Tyler: That sounds official. Please hold, your call is very important to us. [hold music]
  • Donnie Donaldson: [clubs terrorist to death with clock] Stop... hurting... my... White House! German mantle clock. Empire style. [throws clock away]
  • Agent Kellerman: [after seeing the president carrying a rocket launcher] This is something you don't see every day.
  • General Caulfield: That's classified. Raphelson: Well I hereby unclassify it, now do you care to share with the group?  
  • Donnie Donaldson: Let's go people. [racks the pump on the shotgun] Tour's over.
  • Raphelson: You can't do this! I am still the President of the United States! President Sawyer: Then consider this a coup d'état! President Sawyer: [to Gen. Caufield] Get this trash off my lawn!
  • Cale: I thought you would want this.
  • Emily: These are White House passes.
  • Cale: Your dad here has a job interview with the Secret Service.
  • Emily: That's really cool, John.
  • Cale: You're just gonna stick with John?
  • Emily: Yeah.
  • Cale: Okay.
  • Cale: You think you're tough, bitch?
  • Cale: You are a goddamn traitor, sir.
  • Raphelson: You dim little shit! I hired you out of pity and this is how you repay me?
  • Walker: Cake? Stenz: No, I don't want cake! I'm diabetic!
  • Finnerty: There's a series of tunnels. JFK used them to sneak Marilyn Monroe in. Cale: I thought that was a myth. President Sawyer: It's true. Cale: Donnie's gonna be pissed.
  • Finnerty: John Cale, why do you want to be in the Secret Service?
  • Cale: I can't think of a more important job than protecting the President.  
  • Cale: I got three rounds. Tell me you got some weapons in the residence. Cale: No, we usually have two agents right there with machine guns. We got some knives in the kitchen. Cale: What? President Sawyer: They're big knives. Cale: Great, then you can make me a sandwich.
  • Raphelson: Carol, we have to end this. We have to. What if the next missile that he launches is aimed at Chicago or New York? We're talking about millions of lives. Finnerty: Your first act as president is going to be bombing the White House? Raphelson: Believe me. I know, I know. But our country is stronger than one house.
  • [last lines] Finnerty: Henry, the President wants to do the thing. President Sawyer: Hold on tight.
  • Tyler: This is my Graceland!
  • Stenz: [to Cale] I'm gonna carve my name on your chest.

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