Vadim was Emil Stenz's Russian mercenary and a supporting antagonist in White House Down. He seems to have been one of the most aggressive mercenaries, with powerful skills in close-quarter combat. 

He was portrayed by Anatoly Zinoviev.


Armed with a SIG SG-552 assault rifle, Vadim and Chen (a fellow mercenary) combed the rooms of the white house, searching for President James Sawyer and John Cale, on the orders of Stenz and Walker. They heard the voices and footsteps of Cale and Sawyer in the residence. When they went to investigate, Cale ambused them; wounding Chen, and initially catching Vadim off guard, managing to empty his magazine into the walls. However, Vadim soon got the advantage, chasing Cale viciously into the residence's kitchen.

Sawyer was able to get Chen's suppressed Brugger & Thomet MP9 submachine gun after killing him by kicking him multiple times in the head, ordering Vadim to freeze. Vadim then grabbed Cale and used him as a human shield. Unable to see, Sawyer put on his reading glasses and Cale stunned Vadim with an elbow to the face, escaping. Sawyer swiftly shot Vadim to death. 

Vadim seems to have been a particularly aggressive mercenary; when attacking John Cale, he tried to viciously empty all the bullets in his weapon into him, as Cale cowered behind a counter in the residence's kitchen, as well as slamming him into walls and furniture. However his impetuous and brutal nature caught up with him, as it resulted in his running out of bullets. As he attempted to reload his weapon, Cale knocked it out of his hands with a toaster, leaving him vulnerable to attack. Ultimately, Vadim's death resulted in Emil Stenz and Martin Walker learning where the two are. Stenz attempted to call for Vadim in Russian over the radio, and though Sawyer attempted to answer, he was unable to form a coherent sentence. Stenz and his men head to where Vadim was last seen and Walker confirms that Vadim is dead by asking Cale and Sawyer to give the last name of the mercenary. 

A track on the White House Down soundtrack was titled "Fighting Vadim".

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