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Special Agent Ryan Todd
is a Secret Service agent.

White House DownEdit

Agent Todd is present during John Cale's Secret Service interview with Carol Finnerty since two agents must be present. He keeps laughing at John Cale, which frustrates him. Eventually after the White House is taken over, he guards the hostages including John Cale. After Cale attempts to get his daughter, Todd stops him, which angers Cale, since he should be doing his job by stopping the terrorists. After the terrorists break into the room, Todd is shot and killed by Carl Killick. Luckily he dropped his SIG-Sauer P250 pistol, which is used by John Cale to fight his way out of the room and escape.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Agent Todd was portrayed by Vincent LeClerc.
  • The SIG-Sauer P250 is not an authorized sidearm of the Secret Service.