"You'll have to go through me."
―Skinner, trying to defend Emily Cale from Emil Stenz, before the latter shoots him

Roger Skinner is a fearmongering, obnoxious and rude reporter. 

White House DownEdit

Roger Skinner seems to be based off reporters from places like Fox News. He is displayed as a right-wing political commentator, who dislikes President James Sawyer intensely and often mocks him on television. He tries to hide in the Press Room, but is eventually captured by the terrorists and held hostage in the White House. Here he can be seen crying and going into hysterics while Donnie tries to calm him down. At one point, Carl Killick, a fan of his show, sincerily asks him where he gets his ideas, since he has many good ideas for him. However, Skinner is too scared to answer.

Skinner did seem to have a nicer side to him, though. Skinner's last act of good will was standing in front of Emily Cale to stop Emil Stenz from hurting her, claiming that he would have to go through him. Roger Skinner was then promptly shot in the leg and injured by Emil Stenz. Later when the hostages are freed, Donnie helps Skinner move to the South Lawn. 

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • He was played by Andrew Simms
  • He is a parody of Rush Limbaugh.