This is a list of deaths confirmed to have been done by John Cale on White House Down.

White House DownEdit

body count
Victim's name Killer's name Cause
1 Ritter John Cale Shot twice in chest
2 Bobby John Cale Shot with Motts' gun
3 Mercenary John Cale Shot
4 Mercenary John Cale Car crash caused by Cale
5 Mercenary John Cale Car crash caused by Cale
6 Mulcahy John Cale Shot
7 Mercenary John Cale Shot
8 Mercenary John Cale Shot
9 Mercenary John Cale Slashed throa
10 Mercenary John Cale Stabbed
11 Emil Stenz John Cale Blown up by grenade belt
12 Martin Walker John Cale Shot with tank's minigun

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