"Do whatever it takes. Make them pay for what they did to our boy! "
―Muriel encourages Martin to avenge the death of their son.
Muriel Walker
Status: Alive
Age: 60
Date of birth: 1953
Birthplace: USA
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Residence(s): Washington, D.C.,
United States of America
Marital status: Widowed
Spouse(s): Martin Walker (d. 2014)
Children: Kevin Walker (deceased)
Played by: Barbara Williams
Appears in: 1 film

Muriel Walker (b. 1953) is the widow of Martin Walker.


Muriel is first seen when Martin Walker, head of the Presidential Security Detail, is seen getting ready for work on the fateful day the White House is taken over by terrorists. He is seen loading his Beretta 92FS pistol and removing his American flag pin and placing it next to a picture of his son, Kevin. He tells Muriel that he will be working late tonight, tells her that he loves her and leaves without another word. Muriel is later brought in by Carol Finnerty to try and talk some sense into her husband over the phone. Upon hearing Martin was doing the vendetta for Kevin, she decided instead of stopping him, she lets him keep on going for their boy. She is soon escorted away. 

Although Carol Finnerty threatened to send Muriel to prison for life if Martin didn't give up, whether the threat was actually carried out is not revealed.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Martin Walker was portrayed by Barbara Williams in White House Down.