was one of Emil Stenz's mercenaries and weapons expert and an antagonist in White House Down.

He was played by Romano Orzari.

White House DownEdit

Mulcahy was first seen going to the theater with Emil Stenz and Bobby. He then went to Castle Sky with Bobby and three other mercenaries, killing the guards. He then remained on the roof, with the heavy weapons and RPGs. 

He seems to have been the only Irish mercenary on Stenz' team, judging from his accent during his exchange with Motts in the elevator (when Motts nearly discovered John Cale and President James Sawyer hiding above the elevator). Mulcahy persuaded Motts that the suspicious power outage wasn't due to anyone potentially hiding, but rather because of the age of the elevator, and that they should quickly unload the javelin missiles before the cables could have a chance to snap.

Mulcahy killed seventeen people in White House Down.


When the helicopter strike led by Colonel Cameron arrived, John Cale ambushed the roof and shot Mulcahy.

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