―Motts, after being scolded by Walker for blowing up the Pool House

Motts was one of Emil Stenz's mercenaries and a minor antagonist in White House Down

He was played by Falk Hentschel.

Character BiographyEdit

Motts, along with Stenz and several other henchmen head into the White House home theatre, disguised as AV workers and as soon as the Capitol is blown up, they make their move, seizing agents' pistols and silencing them with suppressors that were disguised as microphones.

Later, Bobby, Stenz and Motts head to the PEOC to meet up with Walker, only for John Cale to seize his gun and kill Bobby. Unarmed, Motts picks up Bobby's rifle and attempt to chase after Cale and the President. With Bobby's death, Stenz ordered him to take his place, bringing up Javelin missiles to Castle Sky then meeting up with Stenz to resume searching for Cale and the President.

Motts was not a sadistic henchman as such, but he did what he had to do in order to follow through with his mission. He quickly grew fed up with chasing after President Sawyer and Cale, once stating: "What do we care if he gets the president?", as he didn't know of the true nature of Walker's plan. 

When Cale and Sawyer tried to kill Stenz and Walker with a grenade at the pool house, an angry Motts shows his impatience by determinedly trying to machine gun the twofrom the turret of an armoured vehicle as they took refuge inside the building (despite explicit instructions and outrage) blowing up a fuel tank inside the building, and nearly killing them all in the process.

Motts did have principles, however. After he learned that nuking Iran was part of the plan, Motts attempted to abandon the mission so he can get the ransom money himself. However, he was shot twice and killed by an angry Martin Walker (who remaked that he hated mercenaries) before he could leave. He was the last man of Stenz's to be killed.

Motts killed one person in White House Down.

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