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White House Down Wiki is based around the film White House Down. The White House Down Wiki is a collaborative website dedicated to documenting the heroics of John Cale and sharing information about the best action blockbuster of 2013, which grossed $203,185,194 on a budget of $150,000,000 and involved a paramilitary group taking over the White House with sinister intentions. Only one man can save the day, with the help of the president himself. This wiki will contain detailed information in article format of the film, John Cale himself, his enemies, allies, merchandise, weapons, characters, locations, and other miscellaneous stuff that involved John Cale. The great thing about the Wikia system is that anyone can edit this Wiki! This is a growing wiki and any help in detailing articles will not go unappreciated.

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White House Down Characters
Heroes John Cale - President James Sawyer - Emily Cale
Villains Martin Walker - Emil Stenz - Eli Raphelson
Allies Carol Finnerty - Donnie Donaldson - Caulfield
Henchmen Skip Tyler - Carl Killick - Conrad Cern - Motts - Vadim - Ritter - Bobby
Other characters Melanie Cale - Muriel Walker - Alison Sawyer - Amber Sawyer
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