This is an article detailing the mistakes seen in White House Down.

Although there are a few minor inaccuracies, they are almost all done for suspension of disbelief and can be considered artistic liberties rather than inaccuracies. White House Down is far more accurate than its competitor, Olympus Has Fallen.


  1. Missiles cannot be launched on sight. Approval must be done with the people at the silos.
  2. You cannot override NORAD and launch its missiles remotely without authorization.
  3. The submarine that is due to launch nuclear missiles is called the Albuquerque. That submarine is an SSN (attack sub) not an SSBN.
  4. On the laptop, the news shows a Lockheed S-3 Viking launching from a carrier. The Viking was retired in 2010.
  5. When Sawyer and Cale take Ground Force One, they eventually want to shoot a rocket launcher at the fence. Sawyer wants to do this while hanging out of the window. The windows on The Beast are made out of ten inch thick, bullet-proof glass and cannot be rolled down. This is done for the president's own safety.
  6. Sawyer's handprint wouldn't have been able to access the nuclear football because Raphelson was the president at the time. Of course, this is somewhat plausible, since this is only speculation.