Emil Stenz
Status: Deceased
Date of death: October 4, 2014
Cause of death: Killed when grenade belt wrapped around his neck by John Cale detonated.
Nationality: Flag of the United States American
Affiliation: United States Armed Forces:
1st SFOD-D
Eli Raphelson
Martin Walker
Played by: Jason Clarke
Appears in: 1 film
"When they come for us, you're gonna die first. Understand me?"
―Emil Stenz to the eleven year-old Emily Cale.

Emil Stenz was an associate of Eli Raphelson and Martin Walker, and the tertiary antagonist of the 2013 thriller film White House Down. He was the crazed, revenge-driven leader of a group of mercenaries who took over the White House. He held a violent grudge against John Cale, whom he fought to the death and lost.

Biography Edit

Emil Stenz was a former member of the United States Armed Forces 1st SFOD-D, a.k.a Delta Force, and a former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency, he once worked for several government agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and carried out black ops missions. When Emily Cale recorded a video of Stenz and his men, Caulfield revealed that they knew Stenz for those things, but the information was classified, prompting Eli Raphelson to declassify it. Thus, Caulfield reveals the facts and that Stenz was captured in Pakistan by the Taliban, and held captive for two years due to a botched plan by the American military which burned him. After he was released, Stenz suffered a psychotic breakdown and blamed president James Sawyer for his misfortunes, swearing revenge on the United States government, because the new Secretary of Defense shut down the mission, which revealed the people in the mission and compromised his identity. This would eventually lead him to take over the White House with his band of mercenaries, which included Motts, Conrad Cern, Carl Killick, Bobby and Chen.

Stenz and his comrades first appear disguised as video technicians. After Cern detonates a bomb in the Capital Dome, a guard orders them to stop what they're doing; Stenz ignores him and turns up the volume to lure the guard closer. He then kills the guard and several other guards during the initial takeover, silencing their pistols with suppressors disguised as microphones, and even shoots a portrait of George Washington, showing the extent of the hatred he feels towards the United States. When Walker secures Sawyer in the PEOC, Cale, who was looking for his daughter rushed in and protected the president so he can get to Cale.

After getting a broken nose from Cale, Cale seizes Motts' gun and shoots Stenz' best friend Bobby before running off. He was devastated and infuriated at Bobby's death and violently vows revenge, even rowing with Walker, his partner in the scheme, about it.

Stenz is frequently shown to be violent and bloodthirsty; when they went to take the Secretaries, Stenz shoots the Secretary of Defense (presumably for the compromised black ops mission) in the head with relish and said that it was because he "wasn't doing a good job". He furiously tries to kill John Cale repeatedly, and after learning his young daughter Emily recorded them, he angrily slaps her and threatens to kill her (twice) with no reservation, and shoots commentator Roger Skinner in the knee with disdain after he tried to defend her.

Stenz is the only one out of all his mercenaries who knows the true agenda behind the terrorist attack, nuking Iran rather than getting $400 million from the Federal Reserve. His mercenaries were disguised as video technicians, so they already were in the White House when the Capitol Building was bombed, sending the local police and secret service into mad confusion. Stenz seized the opportunity, taking a count of all the agents in the White House and marching through the halls with his men, murdering them all. Stenz became very malicious towards John Cale after Cale killed one of his friends and fellow mercenary, Bobby. He tried to kill Cale numerous times throughout the film and after learning that Emily was his daughter, used her to get his revenge. He finally confronts Cale, strips off Vadim's gear from him and taunts him saying that Emily said he was going to put him in jail (after Stenz shot Roger Skinner).


He was killed after a brutal hand-to-hand fight with John Cale, when Cale wrapped a grenade belt around his neck and pulled the pins while Cale yelled 'No jail for you, you little bitch!', Stenz desperately attempts to get the grenade belt off him, to no avail, and the grenades detonate, destroying his body in a massive explosion while Cale takes cover behind a podium.

Stenz was the most sadistic and unstable of all the mercenaries.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Emil Stenz was portrayed by Jason Clarke in White House Down.
  • Emil Stenz killed 22 people in White House Down.
  • Stenz is probably best friends with Bobby.
  • Stenz knows Russian and uses it to communicate with Vadim.
  • Stenz is diabetic.
  • Stenz may have been named after the British "Sten" submachine gun.


  • (To Martin Walker, when he offers some cake) "No, I don't want cake. I'm diabetic."
  • (Threatening Emily) "You and I have a date, sweetheart."
  • "I'm gonna carve my name on your chest!"
  • "Your little bitch says you're gonna put me in jail!"
  • (After shooting the Secretary of Defense) "Well, he wasn't doing a very good job."
  • (Character's final words while trying to get the grenade belt off him) "No! No! Get it off! Get it off! Get it off! NO!" (Grenades detonate, killing Stenz)


Emil Stenz has a Photo Gallery.

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