Carol Finnerty
is a supporting protagonist in White House Down.

She is deputy special agent in charge of the President's Secret Service detail and John Cale's most important ally. Carol Finnerty was portrayed by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

White House DownEdit

Carol gave John Cale his secret service interview and refused to hire him, citing a lack of motivation and laziness, despite the fact that the two were friends from college. Martin Walker, the head of security detail, tells her to go home and she does, however, she stops after seeing the Capitol Building explode. After the White House takeover, she helps John Cale out for most of the film, giving him access codes to enter rooms and escape from terrorists, helping them navigate through the mansion and also attempted to negotiate with the mastermind, Walker, which backfired after Walker's wife, Muriel, revealed that she knew about the takeover. Carol promised that Muriel would spend the rest of her life in a federal prison for her involvement, and made good on this promise. During the film, Carol came to regret her earlier stance on Cale's request to join the secret service, even apologizing for not trusting him and comes to support him completely, trusting and backing him completely when he faced off with Eli Raphelson despite not knowing what he was planning. When the threat was over, she was visibly pleased when President Sawyer chose to hire Cale into the secret service and along with General Caullifield lets Sawyer know that his peace treaty has gone through.

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